This app is meant to be a self reflecting journal. Individuals can 
use this app to keep track of the things that made them happy
throughout their day. The design of the app allows users to input
images of something that may have made them smile or a text entry
if someone gave them a compliment for example. 

The app includes features such as a daily challenge that will open on 
the home screen at the start of every new day along with a positive or 
motivational quote or messages. If the daily challenge is completed, the
app will reward it's users in different ways, such as a new color theme 
that they can unlock. 

The app also includes a recap feature where users can look back on
everything they put into their journal throughout the last week. It is meant 
to be a positive and uplifting app for individuals, and will not be used as 
a social media platform for people to interact with friends.

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