This is an ad campaign that I created for Emerald Nuts, a snack brand that is perfect for all of life's greatest adventures. This campaign idea involves Emerald working with consumers who enjoy Emerald snacks to come up with user generated content. Our goal is to entice people to submit photos via Instagram of them enjoying their favorite Emerald snack for a chance to be featured on Emerald’s social media page.
With social media being a huge part of everybody’s daily 
lives, we think incorporating it into this campaign will not
only get current Emerald customers excited to be featured, 
but we hope to grab the attention of new potential customers 
as well. People will do anything to see themselves featured on 
an Instagram page. And if it happens to help people discover 
their new favorite snack brand, that’s even better!
Featured in a Student Art Gallery
Graphic Design and Certificate of Merit Awards

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